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Antique Allis Chalmers Tractor Parts
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Carburetor and Parts for your Antique Allis Chalmers Tractor

NEW Allis Chalmers G Model Carburetor

Allis Chalmers - Fits: G

Replaces: 800303

Dimensions and Notes: New, not rebuilt. Like original. Does not say "Marvel Schebler". But has "TSV13" on brass tag. 1-13/16" center to center mounting holes



New Zenith Universal Replacement Carburetor

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, CA (1952-56), D10, D12, IB

Replaces: 222038, 219966, TSX154, TSX159, TSX305, TSX422, TSX470, TSX486, TSX670, TSX701, TSX815, TSX12522, 9705, 9706, 9797, 9804, 11141, 11142, 12566. Replaces Zenith: 12401, and 12749

Dimensions and Notes: 2-5/16" to 2-3/8" center to center stud holes. 1-1/8" throttle bore.

USA Made USA Made


$ 375.50 ABC223 $ 416.00 add to cart


New Replacement Carburetor for Marvel Schebler

Allis Chalmers - Fits : D15, D17, 170, 175, WD45

Replaces Marvel Schebler #TSX181, TSX374, TXS464, TSX505, TSX506, TSX506A, TSX561, TSX596, TSX610, TSX755, TSX773, TSX853, TSX869, TSX871, TSX903

Replaces Zenith # 11535, 11588, 11973, 12032, 12217, 13154, 13294, 13795, 14991


New Replacement Carburetor for Marvel Schebler

Allis Chalmers - Fits : B, C, CA, WC, WD, WF, D10, D12

Replaces Marvel Schebler # TSX13, TSX28, TSX34, TSX42, TSX43, TSX49, TSX55, TSX58, TSX74, TSX88, TSX89, TSX91, TSX114, TSX120, TSX138, TSX154, TSX155, TSX156, TSX157, TSX171, TSX186, TSX188, TSX198, TSX212, TSX248, TSX253, TSX264, TSX272, TSX308, TSX309, TSX312, TSX319, TSX333, TSX348, TSX361, TSX363, TSX380, TSX403, TSX405, TSX418, TSX458, TSX474, TSX480, TSX500, TSX520, TSX531, TSX541, TSX653, TSX665, TSX668, TSX685, TSX730, TSX744, TSX748, TSX827, TSX926 Replaces Zenith # 09749, 09752, 10386, 10441, 10698, 11141, 11506, 12225, 12475, 13800

R0063 $ 476.70 add to cart R0060 $ 462.00 add to cart

New Old Stock Marvel Schebler Carburetor

AC Combines - Fits: [ Serviceable for the following (the fuel line must be re-routed): E, EII, EIII (all with 226 cubic inch engine) ] AC Miscellaneous - Fits: Serviceable for the following (the fuel line must be re-routed): 616 (Cotton Picker), [ 707, 707XTB (both Cotton Harvester with 226 cubic inch engine) ], D (Motor Grader; SN: 3371 and up), DG (Motor Grader), [ G226, W226 (both Power Units) ], [ TL10, TL11, TL12 (all 'late' loaders) ] Allis Chalmers - Fits: Serviceable for the following (the fuel line must be re-routed): D17 (up to SN: 42000; must use choke cable instead of choke rod, or reuse old choke shaft assy.), WD45 (must use choke cable instead of choke rod, or reuse old choke shaft assy.); Replaces: 226258, 226275, 231431, 236568, 248868

Carb Mfg #'s - Marvel Schebler: TSX464, TSX561, TSX633, TSX713, TSX719, TSX773, TSX836, TSX853, TSX869, TSX871, ; Marvel Schebler, Direct Replacement: TSX797, TSX825 7/8" Venturi. 2-3/8" center-to-center mounting holes. 1.880" O.D. Choke Inlet. Rear fuel inlet. Carburetors are limited to replacement only, no refunds. No replacement will be given if rust, dirt, etc. is found in the carburetor or if it has been taken apart. Most applications will need to reuse old throttle & choke shafts New Old Stock, While supplies last!


ABC3359 $ 268.50 add to cart      

New Carburator

Replaces Carb Numbers TSX464, TSX561, TSX773

Replaces Allis Part 226258, 226275, 231431, 70226258, 70226275, 70231431

Dimensions •2-3/8" center-to-center mounting bolt pattern

Fits Allis Chalmers [ Loaders: TL10, TL11 (SN: 3370 and up) ],
Motor Grader: D (SN: 3370 and up)
Tractors D17 (up to SN: 42000), WD45;

ACS3571 $ 349.95 add to cart      

Make sure to match the number on your carburetor to the carburetor numbers listed.

No Image


Allis Chalmers TSX305 Rebuilt Carburetor

Fits Allis Chalmers B and C

Interchangeablewith TSX154

Core Charge $50.00 Included in Price

No Image


Allis Chalmers TSX154 Rebuilt Carburetor

Fits Allis Chalmers B and C

This is interchangable with TSX305

Core Charge $50.00 is included in the price


TSX305 $ 192.50 add to cart TSX154 $ 192.50 add to cart

No Image


Allis Chalmers TSX486 Rebuilt Carburetor

Fits Allis Chalmers CA

Directly Repalces TSX486

Interchangeable with TSX470

Core Charge $50.00 Included with price.

No Image


Allis Rebuilt Carburetor TSX470

Fits Allis Chalmers CA TSX470

$50 .00 CORE CHARGE INCLUDED IN PRICE Interchangeable with # TSX486

TSX486 $ 192.50 add to cart TSX470 $ 192.50 add to cart

No Image


Allis Chalmers TSX928 Rebuilt Carburetor

Replaces TSX928 Fits Allis Chalmers 175

Core Charge $50.00 is included in the price

No Image


Allis Chalmers D15 Rebuilt Carburetor

Replaces TSX869 on Allis Chalmers D15

$50.00 Core Charge included in price below.

TSX928 $ 192.50 add to cart TSX869 $ 192.50 add to cart

No Image


Allis Chalmers D14 Rebuilt Carburetor

Replaces TSX670 and will interchange with TSX701, TSX815 and TSX844

Core Charge is $50.00 and is included in the price below.

No Image


Allis Chalmers D17 and WD45 Rebuilt Carburetor

Replaces and interchangeable for TSX464, TSX561, TSX773, and TSX871

TSX670 $ 192.50 add to cart TSX464 $ 192.50 add to cart

No Image


Allis Chalmers D19 Rebuilt Carburetor

Fits Allis Chalmers D19 With TSX848 Carburetor

Core Charge is $50.00 and is included in the price below.

No Image


Allis Chalmers G Rebuilt Carburetor

Replaces TSV13 off of Allis Chalmers G Tractor

Core Charge is $50.00 and is included in the price below

TSX848 $ 192.50 add to cart TSV13 $ 237.50 add to cart

No Image


Allis Chalmers Rebuilt Carburetor

Fits Allis Chalmers WC, WD, WF Tractors with

TSX159 or TSX422 Carburetor

Core Charge $50.00 Included in price below


TSX159 $ 192.50 add to cart      

Carburetor Components

Elbow Strainer Assembly

Allis Chalmers - Fits: Various Models with Marvel Schebler Carburetors

Dimensions and Notes: Must have internal threads, used with flair fitting not compression. Male end (screen end) is 1/8" pipe thread. Female end is 1/4" flare.


Main Nozzle Marvel Schebler

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, IB, RC

Replaces: 222047, 70222047

Marvel Schebler 47-270

Fits Carb # TSX154, TSX156, TSX198, TSX305, TSX319, TSX428, TSX500, TSX577, TSX580 47-270

USA Made USA Made

ABC297 $ 7.75 add to cart ABC1156 $ 23.95 add to cart

Throttle Body Parts

Throttle Shaft Repair Bushing

Repairs worn throttle bodies using 1/4" shaft. For Marvel Schebler small bowl carbs only

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, CA, D14, IB (with small bowl Marvel Schebler), D15 (up to serial number 9000 small bowl), H# (up to serial number 6959 small bowl) RC, WC, WD, WF

Replaces: Fits Marvel Schebler carbs: TSX116, TSX154, TSX159, TSX305, TSX422, TSX470, TSX486, TSX593, TSX670, TSX701, TSX706, TSX815, TSX844, TSX879, TSX912, TSX931, TSX986, TSX990 And Many More

Replaces T818

Must ream to size. Drill to size by using Letter V (.377) Bitt For Cast Iron or use 3/8 (.375) for Aluminum.
0.383 OD, 0.247 ID, LENGTH 0.501
Install With Sealent

Repairs worn throttle bodies using 1/4" throttle shafts.
USA Made USA Made


Main Nozzle

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, IB, WC, WD, WF


Replaces: Zenith Carburetor C66-47-50


Fits Zenith models: 9707, 9707A, 9707B, 9709, 10136, 10146, 10850, 10981, 10981A, 11850, S1203


USA Made USA Made

ACS513 $ 2.55 add to cart ABC557 $ 29.95 add to cart

Throttle Shaft Repair Bushing

Fits: [ B, C, CA, D14, IB (For small bowl Marvel Schebler carbs) ], D15 (To SN: 9000, For small bowl Marvel Schebler carbs), H3 (To SN: 6959, For small bowl Marvel Schebler carbs), RC, WC, WD, WF and Many More

Lower bushing, 1/4" shafts. OD .323", ID .247", L .471".

Must ream to size. Drill to size by using Letter O (.316) Bitt For Cast Iron or 5/16 (.312) for Aluminum.
Install With Sealent

Repairs worn throttle bodies using 1/4" throttle shafts.

T819 $ 3.75 add to cart      











Zenith Carburetor Main Jet Adjusting Needle Assembly

Allis Chalmers - Fits: D10, D12, WC, WD, WF

Fit Zenith Carburetors: 08964A, 08964B, 09667A, 10002, 10004, 10004A, 10004B, 10012, 10012A, 10085, 10085A, 10091, 10091A, 10117, 10129, 10129A, 10131, 10131A, 10134, 10134A, 10135, 10135A, 10136, 10149, 10149A, 10150, 10150D, 10152, 10154, 10154A, 10154B, 10154C, 10155, 10155A, 10156, 10156A, 10156B, 10172, 10172A, 10172B, 10173, 10173A, 10173B, 10174, 10174A, 10174B, 10175, 10175A, 10175B, 10176, 10176A, 10176B, 10183, 10184, 10186, 10205, 10205A, 10209, 10209A, 10209B, 10212, 10216, 10216A, 10216B, 10218, 10218A, 10218B, 10219, 10224, 10226, 10279, 10279B, 10283, 10283A, 10283B, 10285, 10285A, 10285B, 10289, 10295, 10297, 10297A, 10297B, 10297C, 10303, 10315, 10315A, 10315B, 10319, 10319A, 10393, 10426, 10426A, 10426B, 10426C, 10426D, 10426E, 10432, 10432A, 10441, 10441A, 10444, 10445, 10457, 10457A, 10457B, 10461, 10461A, 10461B, 10461C, 10461D, 10478, 10478A, 10478B, 10478C, 10478D, 10478E, 10502, 10502A, 10522, 10522A, 10535, 10535A, 10535B, 10536, 10536A, 10537, 10537A, 10537B, 10537C, 10537D, 10570, 10570A, 10570B, 10571, 10571A, 10586, 10586A, 10628, 10628A, 10645, 10645A, 10646, 10646A, 10648, 10662, 10662A, 10662B, 10664, 10664A, 10704, 10741, 10741A, 10741B, 10741C, 10748, 10748A, 10748B, 10748C, 10748D, 10756, 10756A, 10759, 10759A, 10759B, 10776, 10786, 10786A, 10790, 10790A, 10790B, 10809, 10811, 10814, 10816, 10816A, 10816B, 10847, 10857, 10859, 10907, 10907A, 10907B, 10907C, 10907D, 10926, 10926A, 10932, 10932A, 10946, 10946A, 10953, 10953A, 10955, 10955A, 10955B, 10955C, 8543, 8928, 9167, 9449, 9544, 9572, 9622, 9658, 9698, 9707, 9712, 9739, 9749, 9752, 9792, 9801, 9850, 9937, 9954, 9995, 9997, 10961, 10981, 11017, 11017A, 11022, 11040, 11040A, 11049, 11049A, 11049B, 11049C, 11074, 11074A, 11080, 11106, 11106A, 11135, 11140, 11140A, 11146, 11146A, 11153, 11243, 11243A, 11243B, 11257, 11257A, 11286, 11294, 11295, 11296, 11317, 11335, 11335A, 11335B, 11339, 11339A, 11340, 11340A, 11372, 11372A, 11383, 11403, 11403A, 11403B, 11403C, 11425, 11443, 11443A, 11464, 11464A, 11464B, 11465, 11489, 11489A, 11506, 11509, 11510, 11512, 11512A, 11512B, 11512C, 11523, 11523A, 11524, 11524A, 11536, 11536A, 11536B, 11537, 11570, 11570A, 11593, 11594, 11594A, 11595, 11603, 11603A, 11603B, 11611, 11629, 11629A, 11629B, 11632, 11633, 11635, 11635A, 11650, 11650A, 11662, 11662A, 11662B, 11678, 11678A, 11678B, 11688, 11706, 11706A, 11708, 11711, 11729, 11750A, 11767, 11776, 11796, 11796A, 11826, 11826A, 11835, 11837, 11883, 11898, 11904, 11904A, 11926, 11926A, 11926B, 11927, 11937, 11937A, 11937B, 11937C, 11937D, 11938, 11948, 11956, 11979, 11998, 12019, 12019A, 12019B, 12023, 12024, 12037, 12068, 12068A, 12080, 12080A, 12108, 12108D, 12120, 12124, 12125, 12129, 12147, 12163, 12167, 12169, 12180, 12188, 12188A, 12188B, 12188C, 12188D, 12188E, 12199, 12199A, 12199B, 12199C, 12205, 12222, 12223, 12228, 12235, 12235A, 12235B, 12235C, 12239, 12239A, 12239B, 12247, 12247A, 12252, 12262, 12262A, 12262B, 12262C, 12272, 12295, 12300, 12300A, 12300B, 12300C, 12300D, 12300E, 12304, 12304A, 12323, 12329A, 12331, 12334, 12341, 12341A, 12341B, 12342, 12342A, 12342B, 12350, 12371, 12371A, 12373, 12373A, 12373B, 12375, 12375A, 12375B, 12376, 12377, 12377A, 12387, 12387A, 12401, 12409, 12410, 12422, 12446, 12486, 12517, 12543, 12543A, 12545, 12545A, 12556, 12577, 12599, 12599A, 12599B, 12615, 12632, 12660, 12717, 12747, 12748, 12749, 12773, 12790, 12796, 12799, 12956, 12982, 13007, 13009, 13094, 13096, 13098, 13199, 13238, 13246, 13308, 13309, 13324, 13653, 13718, 13749, 13751, 13783, 13851, 13876, 14007, 14008, 14012, 14019, 14020, 8543A, 9449A, 9712A, 9712B, 9712C, 9712D, 9739A, 9792A, 9792C, 9801A, 9801B, 9801C, 9801D, 9801E, 9850A, 9954A, 9954B, 9954C, 9995A, 9995C, 9997A, S1007, S1010, S1010A, S1043, S1043A, S1156, S1156A, S1156C, S1156D, S1171, S1171A, S1171B, S1172, S1172A, S1172C, S1172D, S1214, S1214A, S1214B, S1221, S1221A, S1224, S1224A, S1224B, S1224C, S1234, S1241, S1241A, S1241B, S1285, S1285A, S1285B, S129A, S1434, S1438, S1438A, S1453, S1491, S1491A, S1491B, S1491C, S1492, S1492A, S1494, S1494A, S1512, S1512A, S1512B, S1512D, S1520, S1520A, S1538, S1538A, S1538B, S1538C, S1539, S1540, S560, S560A, S664, S664A, S717, S717A, S717B, S717C, S717D, S717E, S732, S732A, S732B, S732C, S732D, S933, S948, S949, S949A, S949C, S949D, S956, S956A, S956C, S956D, S972, S986, S986A, S986B, S986C, S986D, S986E, S986F, S986G, S994, S994A, S994B

3/8 x 24" Thread --- Please make sure that your carburetor is in the list above!

USA Made USA Made

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Choke Butterfly Disc

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, CA, IB, RC, WD45

Replaces: 702219984, 219984

Dimensions and Notes: TSX101, TSX102, TSX103, TSX112, TSX113, TSX119, TSX120, TSX128, TSX13, TSX132, TSX132A, TSX133, TSX134, TSX136, TSX137, TSX138, TSX140, TSX141, TSX142, TSX144, TSX146, TSX147, TSX148, TSX151, TSX154, TSX155, TSX161, TSX173, TSX179, TSX180, TSX182, TSX183, TSX184, TSX185, TSX186, TSX188, TSX189, TSX191, TSX193, TSX193, TSX194, TSX194, TSX197, TSX206, TSX206-1, TSX228, TSX228, TSX231, TSX237, TSX238, TSX239, TSX240, TSX241A, TSX241B, TSX241C, TSX248, TSX258, TSX264, TSX266, TSX269, TSX272, TSX278, TSX28, TSX280, TSX286, TSX287, TSX288, TSX289, TSX29, TSX290, TSX297, TSX30, TSX301, TSX305, TSX308, TSX309, TSX312, TSX314, TSX315, TSX322, TSX323, TSX326, TSX33, TSX330, TSX334, TSX335, TSX338, TSX339, TSX34, TSX341, TSX35, TSX352, TSX356, TSX357, TSX357, TSX358, TSX359, TSX36, TSX361, TSX361A, TSX363, TSX367, TSX37, TSX370-1, TSX377, TSX38, TSX380, TSX388, TSX39, TSX398, TSX400, TSX403, TSX405, TSX406, TSX407, TSX418, TSX420, TSX421, TSX423, TSX428, TSX44, TSX443, TSX447, TSX448, TSX45, TSX453, TSX455, TSX458, TSX459, TSX464, TSX465, TSX470, TSX472, TSX48, TSX480, TSX481, TSX484, TSX49, TSX497, TSX500, TSX516, TSX520, TSX525, TSX526, TSX531, TSX54, TSX548, TSX55, TSX556, TSX567, TSX569, TSX570, TSX58, TSX580, TSX589, TSX59, TSX595, TSX60, TSX656, TSX671, TSX69, TSX691, TSX748, TSX76, TSX776, TSX776-1, TSX781, TSX787, TSX79, TSX793, TSX796, TSX80, TSX803, TSX818, TSX827, TSX83, TSX841, TSX85, TSX851, TSX88, TSX89, TSX90, TSX91, TSX94, TSX95, TSX95A, TSX96, TSX98, TSXU828, TSXU829, TSXU829, TSXU830, TSXU830, TSXU831, TSXU831, TSXU832, TSXU832, TSXU833, TSXU833

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Throttle Body Disc Marvel Schebler

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, CA, IB, RC, WC, WD, WF

Replaces: 702219971, 219971

Fits Marvel Schebler: TSX126, TSX128, TSX13, TSX132, TSX132A, TSX136, TSX137, TSX140, TSX154, TSX156, TSX157, TSX159, TSX171, TSX180, TSX182, TSX193, TSX194, TSX198, TSX202, TSX206, TSX206-1, TSX211, TSX228, TSX231, TSX237, TSX241B, TSX287, TSX288, TSX289, TSX30, TSX305, TSX319, TSX33, TSX330, TSX339, TSX356, TSX357, TSX359, TSX36, TSX38, TSX398, TSX422, TSX428, TSX443, TSX45, TSX465, TSX470, TSX481, TSX484, TSX486, TSX492, TSX497, TSX500, TSX539, TSX548, TSX556, TSX567, TSX569, TSX570, TSX580, TSX589, TSX595, TSX60, TSX656, TSX671, TSX691, TSX781, TSX793, TSX803, TSX83, TSX85, TSX89, TSX90, TSX91, TSX95, TSX95A

Dimensions and Notes: 1.105 outside diameter, made of aluminium,

USA Made USA Made

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Choke Butterfly Disc

Allis Chalmers - Fits: CA, D14, D15

Replaces: 702229611, 229611

Fits Marvel Schebler: TSX534, TSX551, TSX577, TSX593, TSX670, TSX683, TSX692, TSX701, TSX706, TSX771, TSX812, TSX815, TSX826, TSX882, TSXU834

Dimensions and Notes: 1-3/8" Outside diameter.

USA Made USA Made

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Carburetor to Manifold Mounting Gasket

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B, C, CA, D10, D12, D15, D17, H3, I40, I400, I60, I1600, IB, RC, WC, WD, WD45, WF, 170, 175

Replaces: 702233208, 233208, 70233209, 233209

Dimensions and Notes: 2-3/8" - 2-7/16" slotted bolt holes, 1-1/8" center hole

USA Made USA Made


Carburetor to Manifold Mounting Gasket

Allis Chalmers: D19 Gas

Dimensions and Notes: This gasket measures 2-15/16" from center of one bolt hole to the center of the other bolt hole. The center hole itself measures 1-5/8". Please check these measurements against your original before ordering.

USA Made USA Made

ABC408 $ 1.39 add to cart ABC410 $ 1.49 add to cart


Allis G Carburetor Mounting Gasket

Allis Chalmers: G

Replaces: 800304

Dimensions and Notes: 1-13/16" center to center bolt holes. 15/16" Center hole

USA Made USA Made

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Tech Tip:

Check your filters, screens, sediment bowls, and carburetor float bowls for debris.

Excessive contamination may be an indication that your gas tank or fuel lines are corroded (rusty) on the inside.

We repair and Re - Line fuel tanks for all makes and models.
To see the how it's done.

Helpful Ordering Tip:

Because carburetors get switched it is important to have a number ready when ordering. Don't go by pictures alone.

Carburetors are stamped or have a tag attached to them identifying the model.
This is extremely helpful in ordering the proper components.

Here is how to find that number

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