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Case Tractor Starter Repair Parts and Accessories
188-12002 Starter band

Cover Band (1-1/4" Wide)

Fits Early Delco 6-Volt Starters, 4-1/2" dia. Cover band encircles field case and "clips" to itself, "Rolling-Up" the Opposite End from the clip shortens the band and increases clamp tension when "clipped", Delco #817114

ABC505 Starter Drive

Starter Drive (Bendix) Original Spring 14 TEETH CCW

Fits Case Tractor: with Delco Starters 1107043, 1107046, 1107096, AUTOLITE MAW4031 Replaces: 1880651 - 220-12255


$ 2.25 ABC505 $ 66.60 add to cart

ABC458 Starter drive

Starter Drive Assembly 10 Teeth - Original Spring Style

Fits Case Tractor: V, VA, VAC WITH STARTERS: MZ4072, MZ4114 220-12162

IHS132 Ratchet Starter Drive

Positive Ratchet Style Drive 10 TEETH (Improved)

Fits Case Tractor: V, VA, VAC WITH STARTERS: MZ4072, MZ4114 - 226-12304

Recommended for 12 volt applications.

ABC458 $ 39.50 add to cart IHS132 $ 44.95 add to cart


Starter Drive Spring only

Fits Case Tractor: V, VA & VAC with starters: MZ4072, MZ4114 222-01020

Rotation CCW 7-Turn

Starter Drive Dampener Spring

Fits Spring Type Starter Drives On Case gas / LP models (not diesel) Tractors C, CC, D, DC, DI, DO with starter MAB4105 or MAB4040 SC, S, SI, SO with starter M24095 400 with starter MAX4095 Rotation CW 7-Turn

ABC507 $ 23.95 add to cart 222-01012 $ 43.23 add to cart

ABC068 Staerter solenoid

Starter Solenoid Relay Assembly

Fits Case Tractor: D10, D12, D14, Early D15 Gas (All With 6 Volt Systems) I-40, I-400, I-60. 3 Post Saddle Mount- Works on 6V & 12V Systems.

ABC069 Starter Solenoid

Starter Solenoid Relay Assembly

Fits Case Tractor: 400B, 420B, 425, (All With Autolite Starter Delco #1494, 240-01006

ABC068 $ 12.99 add to cart ABC069 $ 15.75 add to cart

Starter Solenoid or Manifold Heater Switch

Fits Case Tractor: 300B (Diesel), 500B, 600B, 611B, 310, 400, [430, 570 (Gas)], 440, 450, 470, 480, 530, 540, 580, 630 (Gas and also fits Diesel when used as a manifold heater solenoid switch); Replaces: A20145, G44835, G45017, A40795, 142320A1 3 Post --- Saddle mount --- Works on 6 Volt and 12 Volt systems

Terminal Stud ABC506

Starter or Solenoid Terminal Repair Stud

Fits Case Tractor: using 5/16" x 24 fine thread starter terminals)

ABC138 $ 29.95 add to cart ABC506 $ 5.30 add to cart

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