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Cover Band (1-5/8" Wide)

Fits Delco 2 & 3 Brush Generators, 4-1/2" dia - Cover band encircles field case and "clips" to itself, "Rolling-Up" the Opposite End from the clip shortens the band and increases clamp tension when "clipped"

Delco #816340


$ 2.75      

ABC418 Alternator

One Wire 63 Amp Alternator (NEW not Rebuilt)

10 square inch surface area, 6-1/4 inches housing diameter, 2-1/2 inches pulley diameter, 5/8 inch belt width) NOTE: Must rev engine to 800 - 850 RPM in order for unit to self excite.

INSTALLATION: Run a wire from the alternator through the amp gauge to the positive side of the battery.

ABC418 $ 99.95 add to cart      

ABC535 alternator

Mini 42 amp Alternator

For tractors requiring a smaller diameter alternator for clearance) 4-1/2" Dia housing,2-1/2" Dia Pulley .590" OD shaft for drive pulley, 3/8" Belt width, 3-Wire internal regulator with wiring instructions

For tractors requiring a smaller Dia alternator for clearance. New, not rebuilt.

To convert 6-V to 12-V system.

For negative ground systems only

ABC535 $ 149.95 add to cart      

ABC495 Pulley

Alternator Pulley Only

Cockshutt - Fits various models

670" Shaft diameter, 2-1/2" pulley OD, 5/8" belt width.  Use with ABC418 Alternator when 5/8" belt is reuired.


ABC495 $ 20.55 add to cart      

ABC2315 Alternator pulley.

Alternator Pulley for ABC535 Alternator

Cockshutt - Fits various models.

Use with our ABC535 Mini Alternator

ABC2315 $ 34.95 add to cart      

ABC404 Alternator mounting kit

Universal Alternator Mounting Kit

Used when switching from a generator to an alternator.

NOTE - Does not include the top adjusting bracket - J8001001


ABC404 $ 34.95 add to cart      

ABC529 Top adjusting alternator bracket

Universal Top Adjusting Bracket For Alternator Or Generator.

Cockshutt - Fits various models.

This is a universal bracket. It may have to be modified to fit your specific application. 7/8" wide, 1-1/2" offset, 8-1/4" from farthest end of slot to center of mounting hole, 3-3/4" slot length, 3/8" mounting hole.

ABC154 Voltage regulator

12 Volt (4 Terminal) External Voltage Regulator (Saddle Mount).

Fits Cockshutt Tractor: 540 & 570 with 12 Volt System

ABC529 $ 23.50 add to cart ABC154 $ 32.95 add to cart

ABC015 Voltage regulator

Mechanical Generator Cut-Out Assembly

Fits Co-Op Tractor: E3, E4 & Cockshutt 30 up to SN: 31195, 40 up to SN: 6785.

Replaces TO7614, TP1867781

Electronic generator cut out assy.

Electronic Generator Cut Out Assy.

Fits Co-Op Tractor: E3, E4 & Cockshutt 30 up to SN: 31195, 40 up to SN: 6785.

Replaces TO7614

ABC015 $ 24.95 add to cart J23101000 $ 31.45 add to cart

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