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Antique Cockshutt and Co - Op Tractor Parts
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Caution ! Please inspect your package once received to ensure condition and quantity. No refunds granted if applied to surface and / or damaged. Store in a cool dry place until installation. Do not soak with water, detergents, or any other application fluids.

DEC1957 Decal Set

Cockshutt 20 Mylar Decal Set

Cockshutt - Fits: 20

Replaces: TO16958

DEC1959 Mylar Decal Set

Cockshutt 30 Mylar Decal Set

Cockshutt - Fits: 30

Replaces: TO14356


$ 140.00 DEC1959 $ 140.00 add to cart

DEC1961 Decal Set

Cockshutt 40 Mylar Decal Set

Cockshutt - Fits: 40

Replaces: TO14357


COS005 Emblem Front

Cockshutt 20 Front Nose Emblem

Fits Cockshutt: 20

Replaces: T11322

DEC1961 $ 140.00 add to cart COS005 $ 87.00 add to cart

COS003 Cockshutt 30 Emblem

Cockshutt 30 Front Emblem

Cockshutt - Fits: 30

Replaces: T-8707


COS004 Emblem

Front Nose Emblem

Cockshutt - Fits: Cockshutt: 35, 35 Blackhawk, 40, 40 Blackhawk, 40D4 Golden Eagle, 40PD Golden Eagle, 50, 50 Blackhawk.

Replaces: TG8707

COS003 $ 68.50 add to cart COS004 $ 87.00 add to cart

ABC517 Starter Tag

Autolite Starter Tag

Cockshutt - Fits various models using Autolite starter

2.955" long, .915" wide, .140" rivet holes, 2.650" c.c. rivet holes

Customer must stamp numbers



Delco Remy Starter Tag

Fits Cockshutt Tractor models Using Delco Starters.

Anodized aluminum, 2.5" overall length, .80" wide, .150" diameter rivet hole, 2" c.c. rivet holes

Customer must stamp numbers

ABC517 $ 14.45 add to cart ABC511 $ 14.45 add to cart

Delco Starter /Generator Tag

Fits Cockshutt tractors using 12 volt starter or generators only.

Includes 2 Rivets

Don't see it here?

We can special order those hard to find parts for your antique Cockshutt Tractor.

ABC514 $ 14.45 add to cart   Contact Us  

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What is the difference between mylar and vinyl cut decals?

Besides the material (vinyl vs. mylar) there is one other important difference. Vinyl Cut Decals (sometimes called Die Cut Decals) have no material left between the letters when the application is finished. Mylar decals have a clear film between the letters that allows your paint to show through, but you will see the outline of the material. Most customers purchase the mylar decals because of price.

If you are restoring the tractor and have put a good deal of money into the paint, you will probably prefer to have the vinyl cut decals.

If you don't see a vinyl cut decal listed for your model, send contact us and we can see if we are able to special order it.


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