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FDS339 Data Plate

Patent Data Plate with Screws

Ford - Fits:  2N, 9N (1939-1947)

Replaces: 9N14001


FDS338 Patent Plate

Patent Data Plate with Drive Screws

Ford - Fits: Ford - Fits: 8N (1947-1952)

Replaces: 8N14001


$ 13.10 Add to Cart FDS338 $ 13.10 Add to Cart

ABC517 Tag

Autolite Starter Tag

Ford - Fits: Tractors using Autolite Starters

Includes rivets, 2.955" O/A length, 0.915" Wide with 0.140" rivet holes. The measurement from the center to center of the rivet holes is 2.650".

Customer must stamp numbers.


Autolite Generator Tag

Ford - Fits: Tractors using Autolite Generators

Includes rivets, 2.300 O/A Length, .732 Wide 2" C-C rivet holes, .145 Dia rivet hole.

Customer must stamp numbers.

ABC517 $ 14.45 Add to Cart ABC519 $ 14.45 Add to Cart


Power Steering Plate

Ford - Fits: 600, 800, 900, 2000 4 Cylinder & 4000 4 Cylinder series (up to 1964).

Installs under steering wheel nut.

FDS163 Sherman transmission plate

Sherman Transmission Instruction Plate

Ford - Fits: Various models with Step Up / Step Down Sherman Transmission.

Fits under steering wheel nut. Shows the various gear and speed combinations


FDS162 $ 11.95 add to cart FDS163 $ 15.95 Add to Cart

DEC451 Shift pattern decal

8 Speed Shift Pattern Decal

Ford - Fits: 2000, 3000 & 4000 series (1965 & up) Industrials: 230A thru 540A

Replaces: C5NN7B292

3-15/16" x 5-1/4", Mylar material.

Sherman Transmission Instruction Plate

Ford - Fits: NAA, JUBILEE, 501, 600, 700, 800, 900, 2000 4-CYL, 4000 4-CYL THRU 1964

Installs on dashboard


DEC451 $ 9.20 add to cart FDS395 $ 14.95 add to cart

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