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Carburetor Float - Tilloston

Avery - Fits: A, V

All with Tillotson YC carburetor. Only

Replaces: 06260

Be sure your Carburetor matches the number(s) listed.

Carburetor Float - Zenith

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: G1000, G705, G706, G707, G708, G900

Zenith - Replaces: C85-40

Carb Mfg. #'s - 11722A, 13209B, 9685B, 5843,
11316, 11722, 12260, 12305, 12506, 12510, 12557, 12703, 12769, 12777, 12879, 12978, 13101, 13209, 13303, 13320, 13327, 13343, 13429, 13430, 13450, 13478, 13598, 13750, 15108.


$ 40.75 Add to Cart ABC1355 $ 22.80 Add to Cart

Carburetor Float - Zenith

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: SOME: R, RT, RTE, RTI, RTN, RTS, RTU

Models using Zenith Replacement Carbs.

Zenith - Replaces: C85-115

Carburetor Float - Marvel Schebler

Avery - Fits: A, BF, BG, R

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: BF, BG, BIG, Power Units, R, RT, RTE, RTI, RTN, RTS, RTU, Late: Z, ZT, ZTE, ZTI, ZTN, ZTS, ZTU. 335

Replaces: EE733, EE733A, 10A2944, 10A1329

For Marvel Schebler "Small Bowl" Carburetor # TSX30, TSX36, TSX231, TSX400, TSX497, TSX650, TSX714 & TSX901, 9N550A

ABC452 $ 23.60 Add to Cart ABC036 $ 12.60 Add to Cart

Carburetor Float - Marvel Schebler

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: 335, 4 Star, 4 Star Super, 445, 500, 600, BIG, Big Mo 400, JetStar, JetStar 3, KT, MT, Power Units, U302, Z, ZA, ZAE, ZAI, ZAN, ZAS, ZAU, ZB, ZBE, ZBN, ZBU, ZT, ZTE, ZTI, ZTN, ZTS, ZTU

Replaces: KS7605, 10A16902, 10A15562, 10A15430, KS7605, 10A524, RE733C, 10A6464

Marvel Schebler Carb #'s: TSX97, TSX360, TSX633, TSX713, TSX775, TSX797, TSX811, TSX878 & TSX885

ABC037 $ 19.95 Add to Cart      

Carburetor Float - Marvel Schebler

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: Some: 5 Star, GB, GT, GTA, GTB, GTC, GVI, M5, M504, M602, M604, M670, U, UB, UB Special, UBE, UBN, UT, UTC, UTE, UTI, UTN, UTS, UTU

Replaces: 10A22717, 10A15157, LE806, KE817P

Marvel Schebler Carb #'s: TSX67, TSX68, TSX624, TSX625, TSX693, TSX740, TSX795 & TSX901

ABC361 $ 29.50 add to cart      

Float Valve - Viton

Avery - Fits: BF, BG, R, Minneapolis Moline - Fits: BF, BG, BIG, R, RT, RTE, RTI, RTN, RTS, RTU, [ Z, ZT, ZTE, ZTI, ZTN, ZTS, ZTU (Late).

Replaces: 10P81, EE9511. Marvel Schebler - Replaces: 233-536

Carb Mfg. #'s - TSX114, TSX120, TSX154, TSX155, TSX159, TSX188, TSX193, TSX194, TSX228, TSX231, TSX241, TSX241A, TSX241B, TSX241C, TSX248, TSX253, TSX272, TSX28, TSX30, TSX305, TSX308, TSX309, TSX312, TSX33, TSX34, TSX357, TSX36, TSX361, TSX361A, TSX363, TSX38, TSX400, TSX420, TSX421, TSX422, TSX428, TSX43, TSX447, TSX458, TSX470, TSX486, TSX49, TSX497, TSX500, TSX534, TSX541, TSX55, TSX551, TSX577, TSX580, TSX593, TSX597, TSX605, TSX606, TSX62, TSX635, TSX650, TSX663, TSX670, TSX680, TSX683, TSX696, TSX701, TSX706, TSX714, TSX749, TSX765, TSX771, TSX804, TSX815, TSX83, TSX844, TSX879, TSX88, TSX882, TSX936, TSX971, TSX976, TSX987, TSX996.

Orifice measures.080" diameter. 3/8"-27 thread.

ABC230 $ 6.45 add to cart      

Float Valve - Viton

Minneapolis Moline - Fits: Some: 445, G, GB, GTB, GTC, KT, MT, U, UB, UBE, UBN, UBU, UTS, Z, ZA, ZAE, ZAI, ZAN, ZAS, ZAU, ZBE, ZBE, ZBN, ZBU

Replaces: RE7140A..Marvel Schebler - Replaces: 233-543, 233-595.

Carb Mfg. #'s - DLTX75, DLTX81, DLTX82, DLTX84, DLTX85, DLTX86, DLTX94, DLTX95, DLTX96, DLTX97, DLTX98, DLTX99, TSX104, TSX105, TSX106, TSX11, TSX135, TSX160, TSX162, TSX168, TSX176, TSX181, TSX185, TSX196, TSX216, TSX221, TSX238, TSX245, TSX249, TSX257, TSX259, TSX268, TSX27, TSX27A, TSX303, TSX307, TSX310, TSX332, TSX342, TSX355, TSX360, TSX364, TSX369, TSX373, TSX374, TSX383, TSX384, TSX385, TSX394, TSX396, TSX397, TSX399, TSX413, TSX414, TSX415, TSX436, TSX441, TSX457, TSX464, TSX466, TSX467, TSX475, TSX477, TSX482, TSX485, TSX488, TSX492, TSX499, TSX505, TSX526, TSX530, TSX548, TSX561, TSX591, TSX602, TSX609, TSX610, TSX615, TSX616, TSX62, TSX625, TSX629, TSX633, TSX639, TSX640, TSX644, TSX647, TSX659, TSX662, TSX666, TSX666-01, TSX669, TSX67, TSX677-1, TSX68, TSX685, TSX688, TSX692, TSX695, TSX706, TSX715, TSX726-1, TSX732, TSX734, TSX738, TSX740, TSX755, TSX756, TSX757, TSX759, TSX765, TSX769, TSX771, TSX772, TSX773, TSX774, TSX775, TSX777, TSX779, TSX780, TSX782, TSX783, TSX784, TSX785, TSX786, TSX786-1, TSX788, TSX791, TSX792, TSX794, TSX795, TSX797, TSX798, TSX799, TSX800, TSX805, TSX806, TSX808, TSX81, TSX810, TSX811, TSX813, TSX814, TSX816, TSX817, TSX819, TSX82, TSX821, TSX823, TSX824, TSX825, TSX835, TSX836, TSX837, TSX838, TSX839, TSX840, TSX843, TSX848, TSX852, TSX853, TSX855, TSX868, TSX880, TSX884, TSX900, TSX903, TSX927, TSX93, TSX934, TSX959, TSX97, TSX974, TSX975, TSX977, TSX99.

3/8-27 thread, 0.100" orifice size

ABC133 $ 6.15 add to cart      

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