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Tractor Restoration and Painting


International 856


Coming from Masonville, New York in Delaware County we have an International 856 tractor in the shop. This old IH 856 works on a dairy farm in Chenango County, but its true love is pulling at the local tractor pulls.


The tractor is in good condition but the owner wants to make all necessary repairs before we paint the tractor. We replaced the injection pump fuel line seals, MCV valve seals and engine oil cooler seals, the head gasket, worn clutch and flywheel. The rear main and transmission seals were replaced along with a new IPTO shaft and a 1000 RPM PTO shaft and then installed a new front and center wiring harnesses. Finally the tractor was dyno tested at 110 hp (10% above specifications with the MW turbo kit installed on this International tractor).


This antique tractor does not need any sandblasted as the paint and the tin are both in good shape. We sanded the entire tractor, sprayed red primer, and then followed it up with a light hand sanding.


The fenders were previously painted white, but this is incorrect, they should have been red. This International 856 is a real beauty and can be seen pulling next August at the Chenango and Otsego County Fairs here in New York.