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Tractor Restoration and Painting

Allis Chalmers WD45


A tractor’s life can last for decades and longer, unlike our automobiles we drive. Companies and individuals are manufacturing parts for all kinds of tractors which is helping to extend their life. This old Allis is getting a new lease on life, thanks to the man that depends on her in his wood business.

The tractor had previously had an in-frame overhaul, but antifreeze was still visible in the oil. The head gasket was replaced a second time and once again, antifreeze was in the oil. So they brought the tractor in for us to evaluate. The tractor ran on three cylinders so the plugs were removed & cleaned and the compression checked out fine. The tractor was run on the dynamometer testing at 45 hp but no oil pressure registered on the gauge. Just to be sure we pulled the oil pan to reveal that the cylinder liners were cracked on the bottom. A replacement block was found at our local New York tractor salvage yard, Goodrich Auction Service in Newark Valley, NY, and this WD45 was rebuilt and then finally tested at 48 hp.


The rims were repaired and new fenders and a gas throttle quadrant were installed. Corporate Orange paint was chosen since it is just a woods tractor. And if I do say so myself a darn pretty woods tractor.