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Tractor Restoration and Painting


International 1086


The restoration of this IH 1086 is coming to an end after four months of repairs and painting. It was picked up in Schoharie County New York in the small town of
The 131 hp 1086 was a turbocharged tractor that International Harvester offered to handle the major work load on the average sized farm in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  This 1981 tractor and its cab contained a control center that was unmatched for comfort, visibility.  


Few problems were found on this tractor, since it had been well taken care of in its previous working life. We replaced the load control shaft seals located in the bottom of the differential housing, the multi control valve seals, the valve cover gasket, and the transmission shift linkage under the seat was repaired.

The original western brown interior was removed, the cab’s interior was cleaned and prepared for painting and a new western brown interior from Fehr Cab Interiors will be installed.
        Winter months prevent us from doing much pressure washing of tractors outside, so here this tractor is getting cleaned inside the shop. The fenders, hood and engine side covers are removed and will be painted separately later.

The International tractors of this era were painted with four different colors, thus making the painting process, more time consuming. The cab’s roof, corner supports, window drip edges and moldings are painted International White Blanc.

    When we painted the wheels and rims we had a problem with the paint not adhering properly, as the tractor had been coated with a protective sealant. We applied over all remaining surfaces a coat of oven cleaner to remove the sealant. The white cab has cured for 48 hours and can be covered, so the exterior and interior black surfaces can be painted.

    The final taping and covering process will include the entire cab, tires, black plastic fuel tank and any exposed hoses and filters. After priming and sanding it is finally painted with International Red Rouge paint. We always finish a job off by painting the tin, putting the tractor back together, and applying decals.