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Wico Magneto Assembly

Oliver - Fits: HG, OC-3

Replaces Fairbanks Morse FM Series Magneto.

Mounting gasket included.

Service and Parts Book - Wico

Oliver - Fits various models

Reprint. Contains service instructions, parts list for Wico XH, and XHD Magnetos

XH894 $ 414.50 Add To Cart MAG6 $ 14.50 Add To Cart

WICO Magneto Stop Button Kit - Made In The USA

Fits Oliver - Fits: [ HG, OC-3 (all when switched to WICO XH series magneto) ]

Wico - Replaces: (3) Nuts: 3230, Insulator: 3539, Ground strap: 5635, Insulator washer: M34X, (2) Lock washers: M55XA , Threaded grounding screw: M6074, Ground wire lead: X5757, Washer: 1XA256, M35X, Kit: 90-5042, K6450, Stop button: 94-5079, X5632

Fits WICO Magneto: XH11, XH32, XH20, XH22, XH23, XH32, XH81, XH113, XH145B, XH145C, XH150B, XH150C, XH169, XH184, XH192B, XH192C, XH198, XH198C, XH212B, XH212C, XH241, XH257, XH261, XH469, XH473, XH477, XH477B, XH520, XH522, XH524, XH556B, XH556C, XH557B, XH557C, XH564, XH565, XHD685, XH791B, XH791C, XH894, XH909, XH926, XH960, XH970, XH977, XH1023, XH1042, XH1053, XH1072, XH1072B, XH1072C, XH1088, XH1113, XH1113B, XH1128, XH1131, XH1137, XH1163, XH1166, XH1180, XH1222, XH1263, XH1295B, XH1295C, XH1295D, XH1300, XH1343, XH1343B, XH1344, XHD1350, XHD1379, XHD1524, XH1535, XHD1541, XH1604, XH1648, XH1686, XH1714, XHD1715, XH1769, XHD1784, XHD1785, XH1806, XH1806B, XH1886, XH1906, XH1907, XH1908, XH1909, XH1916, XH1917, XH1950, XH1961B, XH1961C, XHD1992, XH1994, XH1995, XH1995B, XH2002, XH2006, XH2012, XH2043, XH2049, XH2059B, XH2059C, XH2062, XH2062B, XH2062F, XHD2080, XH2113, XHD2134, XH2138, XH2148, XHD2192, XH2192B, XH2207, XHD2213, XHD2214, XH2239, XHD2263, XH2279, XH2286, XHD2289, XHD2291B, XHD2301, XH2302, XHD2358, XH2373, XH2392, XH2403B, XH2412, XH2414, XH2450B, XH2477B, XH2485, XH2485B, XH2485C, XH2485D, XH2497, XH2500, XH2504, XH2522B, XH2523, XH2523B, XH2525, XH2531B, XH2531C, XH2533, XH2541C, XH2593, XHD2600, XHD2655, XHD2656, XHD2657, XHD2658, XHD2659, XH2677, XH2686, XHD2700, XHD2752, XH2780, XH2781, XHD2800, XHD2900, XH2904, XH3000, XH3001, XHD3100, XHD3200, XHD3300, XHD3400, XH3500

ABC3265 $ 9.50 Add To Cart      

Basic Repair Kit For Wico XH Magneto

Oliver - Fits: [ the following with WICO X series magnetos: HG, OC-3 (all when using replacement WICO XH magneto) ] Wico - Replaces: 90-5068,

K9358 Point gap 0.015

This kit includes: (1) Cover gasket # X5618, X5644, 90-5618, 94-5076A (1) Cover gasket # 6081 (1) Points # X5996, 90-X5996, 1-5008 (1) Condenser # X5614, 90-X5614 (1) Felt wiper package # 5077, 6468, 90-5077, 90-6468 (6) Screws for points & condenser # 5411, 21H973R, 90-5411 (1) Bearing seal # 6199, 90-6199 (1) Oil slinger # 6204, 90-6204 (1) Rear bronze bushing # 5610, 90-5610, 24-5000 (1) Impulse plate gasket # 5519, 90-5519 (1) Mounting gasket # A5272R (1) Dust cover unit gasket # 6694 (1) Ground connecter # 5635, 90-5635 (1) Inspection window # 5753, 90-5753 (1) Inspection window gasket # 5719, 90-5719 Note: Depending on the magneto number, some of the above parts from the kit may not be used.

Also fits other tractor manufactures using WICO 2 & 4 cylinder magnetos using #'s XH-10, XH-11, XH-16, XH-17, XH-19, XH-20, XH-22, XH-23, XH-29, XH-32, XH-41, XH-55, XH-79, XH-81, XH-113, XH-115, XH-131, XH-139, XH-145, XH-150, XH-156, XH-157, XH-169, XH-175, XH-184, XH-192, XH-212, XH-241, XH-246, XH-257, XH-261, XH-264, XH-274, XH-305, XH-307, XH-404, XH-414, XH-438, XH-456, XH-457, XH-469, XH-473, XH-477, XH-494, XH-514, XH-520, XH-522, XH-524, XH-556, XH-557, XH-564, XH-565, XH-623, XH-631, XH-633, XH-635, XH-636, XH-731, XH-732, XH-733, XH-734, XH-787, XH-791, XH-870, XH-873, XH-887, XH-894, XH-909, XH-926, XH-936, XH-951, XH-960, XH-962, XH-970, XH-973, XH-977, XH-980, XH-1007, XH-1022, XH-1023, XH-1042, XH-1053, XH-1059, XH-1072, XH-1088, XH-1113, XH-1128, XH-1131, XH-1137, XH-1140, XH-1141, 1141B, XH-1142, XH-1163, XH-1166, XH-1180, XH-1215, XH-1222, XH-1261, XH-1263, XH-1277, XH-1280, XH-1283, XH-1292, XH-1295, XH-1295B, XH-1295Y, XH-1297, XH-1300, XH-1308, XH-1309, XH-1310, XH-1325, XH-1343, XH-1344, XH-1354, XH-1438, XH-1449, XH-1454, XH-1515, XH-1535, XH-1572, XH-1593, XH-1604, XH-1648,XH-1686, XH-1714,XH-1733, XH-1748,XH-1769, XH-1806, XH-1869, XH-1886, XH-1906, XH-1907, XH-1908, XH-1909, XH-1916, XH-1917, XH-1921, XH-1950, XH-1951, XH-1993, XH-1994, XH-2002, XH-2006, XH-2012, XH-2023, XH-2043, XH-2059, XH-2075,; XH-2081, XH-2092, XH-2098, XH-2108, XH-2113, XH-2114, XH-2115, XH-2138, XH-2148, XH-2168, XH-2175, XH-2207, XH-2208, XH-2239, XH-2279, XH-2286, XH-2302, XH-2392, XH-2500, XH-3000, XH-3001.

ABC3723 $ 49.95 Add To Cart      

Magneto Points - Contact Set

Oliver - Fits: HG, OC-3

Wico - Replaces: XH909, X5996

Fits Wico "X" series magnetos: XB2065, XH477B, XH894, XH1042, XH3001, X5996

Magneto Condenser

Oliver - Fits: HG, OC-3

Fits Wico "X" series magnetos: XB2065, XH477B, XH894, XH1042, XH3001, X5996, XH909

.675" OD. 1.100" Long.

FXH2100B $ 14.20 Add To Cart FXH2024 $ 15.25 Add To Cart

Magneto Coil

Oliver - Fits: HG, OC-3

Wico - Replaces: X5700

Fits Wico "X" series magnetos: XB2065, XH477B, XH894, XH1042, XH3001, X5996

Magneto Cap and Gasket

Oliver - Fits: HG, OC-3

Fits Wico "X" series magnetos: XH894 MAG, XH3001 MAG, XB2065

Includes gasket.

FXH2403 $ 58.95 Add To Cart FXG2002A-2 $ 60.15 Add To Cart

Rotor - Wico Magneto

Oliver - Fits: HG, OC-3

Fits Wico "X" series magnetos: XH894, XH3001, XB2065, XH2659


End Cap Gasket

Oliver - Fits: HG, OC-3

Wico - Replaces: 5644, 5618

Fits Wico "X" series magneto: XH894 MAG, XH477B, XH1042, XH3001. Wico Distributors: XB4001L, XB2065

FXG1008 $ 33.95 Add To Cart XHGK $ 4.05 Add To Cart

Mounting Gasket - Magneto

Oliver - Fits: 70, 80, 90

Replaces: B240, 10A6427

Magneto Push-Pull Ignition Switch

Oliver - Fits various models.

Replaces: BAS-884

Single screw type terminal. 3/8 - 32 UNEF threaded stem.

ABC556 $ 2.50 ABC489 $ 16.50

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